14 Jan

Ep. 21 – Making Mistakes, with Steven VanCauwenbergh

In this episode, Steven talks about some of the mistakes he has made while growing his real estate business and the lessons he has learned from them.

Key takeaways:

-Don’t do it for the money, do it cause you get to help people and live your dream.
-The more you fail, the more you succeed…failing is feedback.
-What is the worst that can happen?
-To really grow your business, you have to get out of your business. Get the right people and train them properly.
-When I went all in, it exploded.
-Do it now or never….you have to make a decision.
-Start today! Go and do it…if you can’t do it, hold some ones hand.
-You have to leverage your time.
-Outsource as much as you can and duplicate as much as you can, within reason, so you can protect yourself.

steven vancauwenbergh

Steven VanCauwenbergh was raised by his single mother in a one-bedroom apartment in New Jersey. He grew up with one simple dream. He wanted to live in a house. Steven took that dream, rolled up his sleeves, and has purchased more than 100 income producing units since 1999. Steven attended high school in California, then moved to Oklahoma to attend college, and quickly started his first business. While creating several successful businesses, he met and married his wife Shannez’ who is a constant support and strength to him. They have three children, Kennedy Grace , Maxwell James & Katy Shay. Steven lives an energetic and abundant life thanks to the freedom his real estate investments have created. He enjoys educating and guiding others to financial freedom.

Meet Steven at www.TheSavvyLandlordBook.com.