30 Apr

Ep. 132 – Buying Without Banks, with Kevin Bunzeluk

In this episode, Kevin talks about how to buy real estate without using the banks.

Key Takeaways:

– Once you figure out how to raise money, it’s really quite simple.
– Whatever your challenge is, work towards overcoming it and then move to the next one.
– If you can make bank money work, it’s a good option to consider.
– The bank is your partner, but if you don’t go with them, you need another partner.
– When fixing properties, it’s nice to not have a mortgage payment.
– Banks look at your background, private lenders are more concerned about equity.
– A partner should have a different skill set than you do.
– You need a partner that you like and work well with…are your goals aligned.
– Don’t convince people to invest in real estate…if someone who knows they should invest in real estate and convince them to invest with you.
– Money partners are investing in you before the property.
– Under promise and over deliver to make your partners come back for more…having happy investors in important.
– If you want to grow a large portfolio without any of your own money, jv partners are a good way to go.
– Where do you find investors for your deals.

Kevin Bunzeluk is the host of LifeStyleHousing Radio. Click the ‘about kevin’ page to learn more.

Meet Kevin Bunzeluk at www.lifestylehousing.ca

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