23 Apr

Ep. 131 – Investing Out of Province, with Stephen Jones

In this episode, Stephen discusses investing outside of the market you live in.

Key Takeaways:

– The benefits of Alberta to other provinces…land transfer tax, rent controls, hst, pet fees.
– The Landlord Tenant Board is a polar opposite.
– Oil cycles and how they affect real estate…the exit is going to pick you.
– Choosing a city within the province you choose and a neighbourhood within the city.
– Newer properties work best for out of town buyers.
– The biggest resource is your property manager.
– one of the most important things is finding someone you are comfortable working with.
– Investment performance and how it compares.

Stephen Jones is a prolific Realtor®️ and Real Estate Investor whose consistent work ethic, drive, and passion have all earned him the reputation as a dedicated industry leader countrywide. Moreover, he is known as a Preferred Investment-Focused Realtor for the Real Estate Investment Network RBG Program, Keyspire, and Investor on Fire. Over the course of half a decade, he has garnered extensive hands on experience in helping fellow investors achieve their goals. In addition, he formerly served as a Manager for the Province of Ontario.
Embarking on his investment journey back in 1998, Stephen purchased his very first investment property in the heart of Pickering, Ontario for $147,000. To date, he is involved in land development and the owner of multiple properties not only in Ontario, but in Alberta and British Columbia as well. Currently, he is on a mission to assist his valued clients in building secure, lucrative real estate portfolios.

When he isn’t working directly with new investors, Stephen Jones can be found spending quality time with his wife, 4 children and his dog Chelsea. He is also a voracious reader and avid traveller.

Meet Stephen Jones at www.bluelinerealestategroup.com

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