2 Apr

Ep. 129 – Take Your Lending Private, with Jay Gabrani

In this episode, jay discusses what private lending is, what it works best for and how you can find it.

Key Takeaways:

– The best way to be free and successful is to own your own business.
– Your tenants are the best business partner you can have…Treat them well.
– Do yourself a favour by focusing…it simplifies everything..you know what to look for and what to say no to.
– Get started and stay in the market and good things will happen.
– It’s not about having all the resources, it’s about being resourceful.
– Understand that the journey includes expecting challenges…embrace it.
– When to diversify and when to stay focused.
– What is private lending and what are the advantages.
– Know your numbers and know your exit.
– The rates are one thing, it’s more about how long in need the money.
– How to find private lenders.
– There is money everywhere that is looking for good deals…put together good deals.

I love using real estate to meet my investment goals.

Those goals change over time.

When I became a father back in Aug 2005, the goal was “to create long term wealth via equity appreciation”

When my wife passed away suddenly in Oct 2014, the goal changed to “i need my real estate to support me financially as I deal with her passing”

After a period of mourning and making huge everyday adjustments in life, the goal now is to use real estate to create income.


Private Mortgage Lending

After lots of research and set up time, I found a legal and structured way to involve others in private mortgage lending.

If you are interested in developing a passive income stream using your “idle” equity, please read on..

Who would be interested in investing?

* Income/Yield Focused Investors who want:

-capital preservation
-a passive quarterly income stream
-diversification away from stocks/mutual funds

-but don’t have the time, energy or inclination to do private mortgage lending by themselves

You may be:

* Time Challenged Executive – you are good at using your time to make money but need help in using your money to make more money

* Retiring/Recently Retired- You need your base of assets to create income which meets your current needs and obligations. What happens when yields are near zero?

* Real Estate Investors – finding it tough to buy in a super hot market even though you have money? Use this money instead to create interest income.

If you are interested in protecting your wealth and creating a passive income stream(secured by real estate), please connect with me.

Meet Jay Gabrani at www.jaygabrani.com