18 Mar

Ep. 126 – Hit the Ground Running, with Shannon Murree

In this episode, Shannon discusses how to get started as an investor and how to choose the right realtor.

Key Takeaways:

– The investment for you depends on your exit strategy and your risk tolerance.
– Single family homes vs. multi family.
– Everything is a learning lessons.
– If you don’t understand your why, how do you know what your destination is going to be.
– How to find the best education before you get started in your investing.
– Find a realtor who is investor specific.
– Make sure to do your due diligence before you remove your conditions.
– It’s not just buildings, it’s building relationships.

Multifaceted business woman with a focus on empowering women, children and the community.

With an Entrepreneurial spirit has the experience, knowledge and coaching to educate those interested in creating wealth and financial independence through real estate.

Prior to being a Licensed REALTOR®, Shannon owned and operated a property management and tenant placement company. Today, continues to partner with a full-time management company and provide a niche service to client, reduce vacancy . Value to clients – speak the investor language no matter what experience level. Working in a specific niche as an Investment REALTOR®, understand all the principles of investment services and cash flow. It’s not about a “house being pretty” or emotional purchase and we’re in it to build the real estate portfolio and build wealth.

Specialties: Working exclusively with real estate investors for buying and selling single family to multifamily properties. Also offer tenant placement and property management services in Barrie, Orillia and Simcoe County Area in Ontario – which has been rated as one of the top 10 places to invest according to the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN)

Shannon is also a huge activist and philanthropist for Causes – not only for the Community but worldwide and actively encourages those to “be the best versions of themselves they can be” and empowerment. “Be the change you wish to see”.

Meet Shannon Murree at www.movingsimcoe.com

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