6 Feb

Ep. 121 – Laws of the Landlord, with Harry Fine

In this episode, Harry discusses landlords laws and how landlords can avoid trouble.

Key Takeaways:

– What is the Landlord Tenant Board and what is their authority.
– When it’s up to rent, if the tenant pays, the tenant stays.
– Applications of the board.
– Too many people believe that rental properties are a passive business.
– How landlords can learn the rules of the game.
– The RTA is not logical and common sense won’t get you by.
– How to evict a tenant properly.
– You need to start the process quickly, it takes at least 3 months.
– Landlords need to go to the board with their hands clean or eviction becomes difficult.
– How to collect money owing when the tenant no longer lives in your unit.
– Screen tenants carefully and do credit checks. Due diligence prior to the tenancy is important.
– How to create a lease that works.

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