11 Jan

Ep. 117 – Learn AirBnb, with Symon He

In this episode, Symon talks about AirBnb and short term rentals, how to use and how to profit from them.

Key Takeaways:

– The difference between short and long term tenants.
– Why it might be good for un-typical rental spaces.
– Be sure to do research for your market.
– You need to make a lot more gross income to make up for the extra work.
– How to find out what your competition is making.
– In some markets, success of a location can be microscopic.
– How to price your listing right to maximise profits.

Symon is the cofounder of LearnAirbnb.

He is the main content contributor to the blog and also works directly with hosts–from those who are just starting out as well as hosts who have grown to 500+ listings, through his educational content as well as private coaching services.

Besides running LearnAirbnb.com, Symon is also a best selling instructor on Udemy.com, where he has taught over 41,000 students in real estate, finance, and startup related topics.

Previously, he was Head of Marketing Analytics at the Panda Restaurant Group after first serving as a senior financial analyst leading real estate and new store underwriting efforts.

Prior to that, he worked on over $400M in commercial real estate investments at a private equity real estate fund.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude in Computer Engineering and Economics from UC Irvine and holds an MBA from Stanford University.

Meet Symon He at www.learnAirbnb.com

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