4 Dec

Ep. 114 – Technologies to Streamline Your Investing, with Chris Thorne

In this episode, Chris Chris discusses different technologies and systems that he uses to streamline his real estate investing business.

Key Takeaways:

– Business school teaches you to be an employee not an entrepreneur.
– Being a business owner is about being a generalist.
– Real estate is a forgiving industry, especially buy and hold.
– To grow your business, you have to develop systems and processes or you will get stuck.
– CRM software to track and organise your deals.
– Virtual assistants and how they can help your business.
– How to find, hire and train a virtual assistant.
– Phone software that connects your virtual assistant.
– Develop systems so that new team members can do the same job.
– A private deal lead generation website that captures leads for you.
– Collaberating on documents with Google Drive.
– By investing time upfront in automation, you will put in less time on a ongoing basis.

​Spruce Properties was founded in 2012 by Chris Thorne while he was still working full-time in commercial real estate. After some early initial success with rental properties, Chris decided to leave his job in 2014 to pursue his dreams of being a full-time entrepreneur and active real estate investor. Today, he is the owner of a growing Design-Build home renovation company, maintains a personal real estate portfolio valued at close to $1m and is actively involved in acquiring properties to fix & flip, tear down & build infill homes and new development.

​Chris is a strong believer in the importance of financial education. This interest began in earnest and grew steadily as he attended Business school and graduated with an Honors degree with a double major in Finance & Entrepreneurship. However, it was after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad that truly opened the world of financial literacy to Chris and has sparked a journey of lifelong learning.

​Whenever he can, Chris makes it his mission to educate others on the importance and benefits that come with a well-rounded financial education. As others have helped him along the way, Chris is happy to pay it forward and donate his time to helping others become financially literate and create a solid foundation for their future.

Meet Chris Thorne at www.spriceproperties.ca

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