2 Nov

Ep. 110 – Black Belt Investing, with Sensei Sean Gilliland

In this episode, Sensei Sean Gilliland discusses the systems and teams needed to invest from afar.

Key Takeaways:

– Real estate controls all businesses.
– How competitive sports develops the skills required for business.
– A lot of people are busy being busy and not busy being productive.
– Investing in your backyard has its benefits, but also has its drawbacks.
– What’s important is understanding how to operate a business…systems, management, delegation, accountability.
– Questions to ask when choosing a market.
– How to find and screen contractors and property managers.
– Focus on a target zone.
– Communication systems are key.
– How to find deals…every market is different.
– Black belt techniques to find deals.

“Sensei” Sean Gilliland of Southern California, Founder and President of Black Belt Investors began his investing endeavors in 1995. Since that time, Sensei has created cash through wholesale real estate, obtained wealth through rental properties and continues to teach his methods through seminars, personal training and club meetings helping people to achieve their financial dreams.

As a young karate student, he became heavily involved in martial arts competition during his high school and college years. Before long, Sensei received the honor of being ranked one of the top three martial artists in the United States for five years straight. His first year out of high school Sensei opened the doors to his own martial arts school, and to this day owns and operates several schools from which he continues to teach actively.

Through martial arts Sensei has learned the discipline it takes to channel his energy toward achieving personal goals. He has taken the qualities to become a top ranking black belt and funneled them into becoming a successful real estate entrepreneur.

After purchasing his first home, Sensei quickly realized the benefits and potential profit that could be made by purchasing more properties, so he began his real estate training. Sensei now had a new passion, and quickly became educated in the real estate investing world. With all of the new knowledge he acquired, he started developing a real estate cash machine through flipping properties to create cash and transferring that cash over to long term investment properties to build wealth. But Sensei had found himself among the mass of investors using the same techniques and tools to create deals. So like an athlete in a competitive sport, he trained and pushed himself to a higher level acquiring cutting edge techniques to stand out from the other investors. Sensei has now mastered the art of buy, sell and hold techniques making him a true “Real Estate Master”. After obtaining success in real estate, he decided to begin teaching others using his simple, yet effective methods. For years now, Sensei has been helping people create cash and obtain wealth by passing on his wisdom of real estate investing.

Black Belt Investors has contributed to many success stories and thrives on the achievement of students obtaining a black belt in real estate investing. BBI’s main focus for students is to develop a real estate cash machine through buying, controlling and selling properties, including pre-foreclosures, assignments, rehabs, lease options, sandwich leases, subject-to’s and several other creative methods. Once the real estate cash machine is producing consistent profits, BBI then trains the student to build wealth through buying and holding real estate. Our specialty is working with investors of all levels and creating successful plans of action.

Sensei, has been a successful investor, real estate trainer and mentor for nearly two decades. Specializing in creating cash through quick-turn real estate investing, Sensei launched his full-time real estate business in 2000.

Sensei’s mission is to share his entrepreneurial enthusiasm and wisdom to help develop the investor mindset to achieve success through real estate and business opportunities, and to inspire all that have a desire to reach financial greatness.

Meet Sensei Gilliland at www.blackbeltinvestors.com

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