16 Oct

Ep. 109 – Fire Your Boss, with Sam Kwak

In this episode, Sam talks about how he got started and was able to grow a large portfolio in a few short years.

Key Takeaways:

– The Key thing that separated use from some others getting started is the mentor-ship and coaching…real estate is a team sport.
– With the right people around you, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.
– Tips for finding a mentor that is right for you.
– The biggest challenge for getting started.
– If you know how to put together great deals, money will come…Knowledge is more valuable than money.
– Knowledge comes first, then relationships…this should be your focus when starting.
– What makes a good deal and how do you find it.
– Velocity banking and how it can quickly pay off your mortgage.

Sam & Daniel are serial entrepreneurs and real estate investors. They have launched several different businesses and have authored a book, Fire Your Boss. They now train entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to CRUSH it in real estate investing & marketing. Sam and Daniel are advisers to 40+ real estate investors! No matter what background or education you may have, Sam and Dan can help you start in learning to raise the money and finding the right deals!

Sam and Daniel have a very humble beginnings. Immigrated from South Korea in 1999, the Kwak family only had $2000 cash in hand and a small 1 bedroom apartment in Albany Park area in Chicago. Today, Sam and Daniel are doing countless number of real estate deals and helping others to get involved in the industry!

Meet Sam Kwak at www.thekwakbrothers.com

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