2 Oct

Ep. 107 – Financial Planning with Real Estate, with Meghan Chomut

In this episode, Meghan discusses real estate from the CFP view and compare it with ‘typical’ investment choices.

Key Takeaways:

– The differences between real estate and a ‘typical’ investment.
– Real estate is not passive, it is like have a part time job.
– What does a financial planner do and how do they feel about real estate.
– Doing something inefficiently year after year can add up to a later retirement.
– Real estate is seen has high risk to people who don’t understand it.
– When you’re making your own choices, it’s important not to have tunnel visions and believe everything in the media.
– Positive cash flow is important with rental properties.
– What is a ‘Cap’ rate and why it is not the standard to go by.
– Can you get 1-2 % of the purchase price in rent.
– How to determine the best place for your money by looking ahead.
– Diversification vs. having a narrow focus.

I’m Meghan, a CFP and Investment Property Advisor.
I help income property owners make smart investment decisions by designing custom plans and tax strategies.
I might not have the interior design skills of Joanna Gains, but I have a [family budget binder that is pinterest worthy]. For over a decade I have been working in the finance and investment industry helping people save for their big dreams (retirement, sending their kids to college, going on a beach vacation, etc).

In 2015 my husband and I bought a ‘Fixer Upper’ (…are you noticing a trend here…). But not to live in. We bought it to rent it out. Going from renovation project, to landlord, to bookkeeper, to handyman has been an interesting experience.
I work with real estate investors, just like you, to make their rental properties profitable and position their investments for maximum wealth building. If tax season is like an overwhelming groundhog day where you promise yourself this year I’m going to keep on top of all this or you need to work with an advisor who better understands your needs [I would love to work with you].

Meet Meghan Chomut at www.meghanchomut.com

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