11 Sep

Ep. 104 – Pushing through the Push Back, with Jordan Boyes

In this episode, Jordan discusses how to get started and become a success as a real estate investor and salesperson.

Key Takeaways:

– You will get push back, rejection, and naysayers…just do it!
– Buying a personal residence or something with a rental suite is a good way to get started.
– Your willingness to not give up is the difference between massive success and mediocrity.
– It will be a lot more work than you probably think.
– With key team members, find a good one and keep using them.
– Once you get into the real estate world, you will find out how small it really is.
– Getting someone with knowledge of the local market and a good network is huge.
– How to connect with the right brokerage to sell houses.

Opening an independent brokerage was not something that just came up, I have had this goal for a while and it just seemed like the next logical step. I set myself a goal to create a strong independent, recognizable brand, something that I think Saskatoon’s market place is lacking, and with creating that brand I wanted it to not only benefit the clients that work with our brokerage, but the agents that choose to work with us as well.

An award winning REALTOR® Jordan Boyes is only approaching his 7th year in the business. Having been the overall top producer at Hallmark Realty Ltd. for the last four years he was there he recently broke the all time sales record for the company. Appearing as the cover story of The Real Estate Magazine in April of 2014, he attributes his success to great communication & availability, constantly staying on top of the market, continuous learning & coaching, great customer service and an extremely high work ethic that he implements throughout the team. Whether it comes to buying, selling, building or finding your first rental property, not only does he have the knowledge & experience, but also the resources to help with anything you may need.

Meet Jordan Boyes at www.jordanboyes.com

48 thoughts on “Ep. 104 – Pushing through the Push Back, with Jordan Boyes

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