22 Aug

Ep. 101 – Taking it to the Next Level, with Jeff Gunther

In this episode, Jeff discusses how to partner with others to grow your investing business to the next level.

Key Takeaways:

– Determine at the outset what you want to do and from there determine the type of property and partners that you need.
– The four things you need for real estate: cash, credit, finding property and adding value.
– What are you good at and what are you missing and who can fill the gaps.
– In order to grow we need partners. You need to put them first and make sure they’re covered.
– Many people try to shore up their weaknesses. Develop your strong points to easily attract partners that can cover your weaknesses.
– Consider your partner…what would you want if you were them.
– After you explain the deal to your partner, try to talk them out of it.
– To find a partner make sure that you’ve done what you’re asking them to do first, that you would risk your own money and that you know that it works.
– When you have enough information to get going, take action!
– If you discover that you will probably do something more than twice, develop a system for it.
– Town homes vs. large multi family properties.
– Go out and take your first step!

Jeff Gunther is a gifted entrepreneurial leader and strategist. Curious and courageous, he continually applies himself to new challenges. He has demonstrated proven results through bottom line accountability in restaurants, hotels, ski areas, investment real estate, sales and management training, dental centre development, professional practice management, financial services, franchising, international development, and general management consulting.

One of Jeff’s most rewarding business relationships was with his father and two partners in the co-founding and development of Associated Dental Care – a system of large customer-oriented, multi-disciplinary group dental centres in Ottawa – where he served as Managing Director from 1991 to 2002.

As a practical philanthropist, Jeff serves boards of non-profit organizations, counsels young people in the integration of faith and work, and seeks out virtuous business opportunities. Jeff believes that freedom is the reward of discipline and that, sometimes, simple questions lead to profound answers. He finds great joy in the privilege of walking with others as they discover their own true value.

Jeff earned an MBA at the University of Ottawa and an MCS at Regent College. Both academic degrees have revealed that he still has much to learn, and have helped him appreciate and model the genius in clear explanations of complicated concepts.

As a speaker, Jeff delights in disrupting the status-quo. As a business advisor, he adds value by collaborating on the creation and implementation of great ideas, and by helping to facilitate the reconciliation of relationships.

Meet Jeff Gunther at www.free.jeffgunther.ca

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