18 Jul

Ep. 096 – Marketing Your Rental Property, with rentpanda.ca

In this episode, Richard discusses how to market and show your vacancies with great photos, great ads, and great people skills.

Key Takeaways:

– Your property insurance may not cover you for tenant vandalism.
– How to take professional quality photos to attract the best tenants.
– How a 360 camera can set your listing apart.
– Anything you can do to make your information as informative and transparent as possible in your ad, goes a long way to getting the perfect tenant.
– A ‘for rent’ sign is an easy and cost effective way to advertise your property.
– Landlords shouldn’t have to be professionals in everything…focus on what you do best.
– Being proactive in your tenant search can really help.
– Make it easy for tenants to find the information they are looking for.
– Ask tenants to tell you about themselves before you book a viewing.
– The landlord/tenant relationship is unique… respect it.

We are here to make renting a home fast, simple and easy. Whether you are looking for an amazing place to rent or trying to find the perfect tenant, we will be your guide through the entire process.

Meet Richard Togman at www.rentpanda.ca

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