6 Jul

Ep. 094 – Turning Your Challenges Into Gifts, with Tahani Aburaneh

In this episode, Tahani talks about overcoming challenges, getting started, and how women can get more involved in real estate and take control of their financial future.

Key Takeaways:

– You can do anything!
– I have always thought of my challenges as gifts. If you can, you will see a different perspective.
– Be grateful for what you have.
– In order to succeed, you need to put in the effort and look after your business.
– Challenges are going to happen, you need the right mindset to deal with it and learn from it.
– If you want to learn, there is a lot of that available. What differentiates a successful investor is DOING!
– What is real estate development and its advantages and disadvantages.
– You need to surround yourself with amazing people that know more than you do to become successful.
– How Woman can get more involved in real estate investing.
– The best way to get started in real estate.
– Start with building a team that will be there for you.

I’m a mother, Self made millionaire, Speaker, Author and above all a Feminine Leader. I’m a student and a teacher. My calling in life is empower and encourage you to step up and overcome your challenges to elevate your life. Here to empower and engage you in the work that taps into your talent and fuels your passion.

Meet Tahani Aburaneh at www.tahani.ca

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