19 Jun

Ep. 093 – Winning the Game Part 2, with Russell Westcott

In this episode, Russell talks about working with JV partners to grow your portfolio.

Key Takeaways:

– People don’t realize the true cost of owning a rental property for the long term.
– How to recycle your portfolio and eliminate large maintenance expenses.
– A person could get a great retirement income with 3-5 properties.
– Make sure you’re buying your properties for a purpose.
– Just because you don’t have the capital, doesn’t mean you can’t move forward.
– You need to be educated and supported and deal with your SELF.
– Just do the work and get things done.
– Turn all your conversations into real estate conversations.
– Don’t focus on the result. Get passionate and focused on doing the work each and every day.
– Master the skill and let the outcome take care of itself.
– Focus on what the money represents and not just making the money.
– Figure out why you are doing it first and then focus on the how and the what.
– Always have an agreement in place. You may never look at it, but it needs to be there.
– What stops you from taking action? Fear, impatience, confidence…The antidote is doing the work every single day.

Russell Westcott is a full-time veteran Canadian-based professional real estate investor, best-selling author, member of the executive team at TriUrban Inc., and an inspirational public speaker.

Russell’s presentations have been called passionate, entertaining, educational and inspirational. At his core he is a teacher, and has moved more than 100,000 people with his books, audio programs, presentations, interviews and podcasts. He has a natural gift and empathy for mentoring other real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and aspiring public speakers.

He has built his first million-dollar real estate portfolio within his first year of taking the leap into real estate investing, and continues to build and manage his personal real estate portfolio. Russell has co-authored 2 best-selling Canadian real estate books; 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors and Joint Ventures: The Canadian Investors Guide to Raising Money and Getting Deals Done.

Today, professionally, Russell dedicates his time to TriUrban Inc., as their Chief Communications Officer. TriUrban is a rapidly growing full service Licensed Brokerage based out of Edmonton, AB. TriUrban helps you; our clients, family and friends create wealth through well-selected cash flowing Real Estate in the greater Edmonton region. They focus on brand-new purpose built rentals, under warranty, that you and your family would be proud to call home.

They bring exclusive relationships matching home buyers & real estate investors together with home builders and land developers. TriUrban offers exclusive real estate investments, sales, marketing, consultation and market intelligence to support their rapidly growing family.

Russell is part of the movement encouraging people to do what inspires them to make a measurable impact in other peoples’ lives. He is an optimist, believing in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

In his spare time, Russell spends his time earning the love and support of his amazing wife and family, reading good books and striving every day to be a better leader in all aspects of his life. Visit www.triurban.com for more details.

Meet Russell Westcott at www.triurba.com

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