17 May

Ep. 090 – The Rental “Un”fairness act, with Kevin Bunzeluk

In this episode, Kevin talks about the lessons he learnt from watching Landlord Tenant Board hearings and discusses some of the new legislation coming and how it will affect investors.

Key Takeaways:

– Go to arbitration with your tenant, you have nothing to lose.
– If you’re a landlord, you are supposed to know what the legislation says, what the notices are for, what the dates are.
– You need to understand how my process works in order to get what you want.
– They can only hear what’s in the application. File multiple applications to get the best chance to show all evidence.
– The four levels of witnesses.
– Keep a record of any contact you have with your tenants.
– You are supposed to know what to can and can’t do….know the act!
– Just as you know the rules, the rules change.
– If you have a tenant who understands the rules better than you, you are in trouble.
– Rent regulations and why it leads to run down properties.
– Turnover is a major expense for rental properties.
– Sit through some ltb hearings to learn how the rules are applied and interpreted.

Kevin Bunzeluk is the host of LifeStyle Housing Radio and The LifeStyle Housing Summit

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