12 May

Ep. 088 – Lessons from the trenches, with Michael Dominguez

In this episode, Michael discusses this experience as an investor and a realtor.
Don’t miss the bonus audio, which is about the new landlord/tenant rules and how they will affect investors:

Key Takeaways:

– Real estate is a triple whammy when everything is going in the right direction.
– A new investor is not late in the game. If the fundamentals are in place, it’s a good time to buy.
– Learning and becoming an expert in your area is a first step.
– Find a property that will generate enough income to cover all its expenses.
– Take action and …if the deal makes sense move forward.
– Investment property types and their advantages and disadvantages.
– How to find homes with legal, secondary suites.
– Do not assume that the seller or realtor is correct.
– New landlord tenant rules and how they affect investors.

Michael is a regular contributor to CREW magazine and other national publications
* As a realtor, he has been involved in over 150 transactions of legal (or soon to be legal) 2-unit dwellings
* And he currently has 11 properties in his portfolio including 7 legal 2-unit dwellings

Meet Michael Dominguez at www.durhamhome.ca