19 Apr

Ep. 086 – The Five Step Rent to Own System, with Jon Simcoe

In this episode, Jon goes over the ins and outs of the rent to own strategy and explains his five step system.

Key Takeaways:

– You will not repeat your success unless you have a good system.
– If you can’t afford all the properties you want, you will have to learn to JV.
– Leverage is a double edge sword…if you don’t maintain and manage your rentals properly, it can go wrong.
– Find someone who has actually done it and get their advice.
– How rent to own can create a future income.
– How to pre calculate exactly how much money the deal will make, right from the start.
– The predictability and stability of the rent to own strategy is amazing.
– The five step rent to own system.
– Set people up for success from the start…with homes they can afford with the incomes they have right now.
– How to find great rent to own tenants.
– Every bit they have to start their savings, makes it more affordable on a monthly basis.
– If they have bad spending habits, it probably won’t work out.
– The lease and the option to purchase…and some extra bulletproof agreements.

Jon Simcoe is the leading Rent To Own professional in Canada. Having setup over 100 rent to own deals, he’s found a way to help hard working Canadians realize their dream of homeownership when the banks say “No”. With a success rate of 97% (in an industry where the average is 50%), Jon’s mission is to help make Rent To Own a win for all parties involved. He has raised over $18,000,000 for the rent to own program and other real estate projects.

Meet Jon Simcoe at www.renttoownstrategy.com

For free training videos on how you can learn to set up rent to own deals, figure out the profit before getting any properties, and go through a real life example check out:


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