25 Feb

Ep. 079 – The LifeStyle Housing Summit, with Kevin Bunzeluk

In this episode, Kevin talks about LU Radio Fund Drive 2017 and The LifeStyle Housing Summit and shares some clips from the Summit.

Key Takeaways:

– Lu Radio is awesome and needs your support
– Don’t miss the LifeStyle Housing Summit!

CILU or LU Radio, is a not-for-profit, campus based community radio station in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Our #FundDrive2017 starts February 25th and we need your support!

We are partially funded from Lakehead University students, but we still rely on money from listeners for our day-to-day operation. This helps us maintain our independence and allows us to be innovative and daring. We don’t rely on commercial sponsors and we don’t like to run a lot of advertising. The advertising CILU does run on-air is about what is happening in our community – theatre performances, concerts, art gallery openings, speakers, festivals, local establishments, etc.

We are a voice for local and independent music, alternative news and events. Your support keeps us on the air! Help us by tuning in, sharing this page and donating! As a thank you for your contribution, we have CILU swag, event tickets and great local prizes!

Keep Thunder Bay’s campus/community station running strong and become part of the reason that CILU exists! Donate today! #FundDrive2017 #CILU

Choose your path, one time donation or monthly support, below. Either path helps us greatly and we appreciate your support!

Support LuRadio at luradio.ca/fund

The Lifestyle Housing Summit is a five-day, virtual event during which many of the industry’s best and brightest pros will be sharing their knowledge with you.

The speakers featured are real-estate investors, coaches and speakers, and will be sharing on a wide range of topics like getting started, financing, attracting joint venture partners, various investing strategies and more.

Sign up for the summit at lifestylehousingsummit.com

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