21 Feb

Ep. 078 – The 5 Step Magnetic Investor Attraction Process Part 1, with Dave Dubeau

In this episode, Dave talks about how to attract money partners to you, eager to find out about your deals instead of cold-calling, schmoozing and grovelling for possible investors.

Key Takeaways:

– We all need money to do more deals, unless we want to stay really small.
– Learn the three levels of real estate investors and where most of them get stuck.
– Find a great deal and the money will find you …only works if you’ve already planted the seeds.
– The 5 step magnetic investor attraction process.
– The Three C’s of communication; constant and consistent.
– Instead of cold calling and schmoozing, let investors approach you.
– The easiest way to get more investors on board.
– How to build an investor list if you don’t have many contacts.
– How to show your expertise if you are a new investor… Make sure you have focus.
– How to present your deals to interested parties.. put them at ease, show the potential downside…It’s more of a conversation than a sales presentation.
– Different objections you may hear and how to overcome them.
– It’s all about cooperation. How can you help them?

Dave Dubeau is a professional real estate investor, a best selling author and a highly sought after trainer.

Dave understands that over 80% of Canadian real estate entrepreneurs get stuck with less than 4 properties in their portfolio. They want to grow it more, but they don’t know how to attract investors and raise capital, which is why he has decided make helping frustrated real estate entrepreneurs his life’s work.

Dave is also the founder of the first and only done-for-you investor attraction marketing service for real estate entrepreneurs in the world.

Meet Dave Dubeau at www.davedubeau.com

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