18 Jan

Ep. 073 – Active Investing vs. Passive Investing, with Mitch Parker

In this episode, Mitch discusses different Active and Passive investments. What they are, which is for you and what you need to know to get going.

Key Takeaways:

– What is active investing and passive investing.
– What are the advantages and disadvantages of each.
– A hands-on active investment is a great educator….a tool to learn.
– Passive investing is buying your time back…your making your money work for you.
– It always come down to what the investor is looking for.
– As soon as you delegate things, your profit goes up and your free time as well.
– How to decide between passive investments.
– It’s better to ask 100 questions and be 100% confident in your decision then to hope and wish.
– Once you feel confident in an investment, just do it…Only once you’re involved can you learn and shape your plan.
– Passive investments…A lot of people don’t know they exist and how good they really are…your financial advisor won’t tell you.
– Two types of passive investments and their differences; equity and mortgage.
– Investing with funds and corporations vs. an individual.

Hi – I’m Mitch Parker, the energetic and passionate founder of Mitch Parker Group and a go-to media expert who has been seen, heard, and read on Canada Am, Sirius XM, National Post, Toronto Sun, Huffington Post Canada, and more. My goal is to simplify real estate investing and educate you why it’s such a great investment option for your portfolio.

I completed my post-secondary education in Ottawa, Ontario in Business with a specialization in Finance while completing the necessary professional courses to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). It was only once I finished did I discover my passion for real estate.

Getting started buying student rental housing, I’ve invested and been involved in house flips, income properties, rent-to-owns, mortgage lending, joint ventures, and more. Mitch Parker Group, launched after nearly a decade of experience, is designed to help investors build a portfolio that provides secure, consistent, above average returns while eliminating much of the volatility associated with investing.

Whether looking to be an active or passive investor, we’ll work closely together to determine your investment objectives, long term goals, and risk tolerance to create a custom-tailored investment solution that can grow and advance as you do. Im excited to show you why I love investing in real estate so much and look forward to building a great professional relationship.

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