5 Jan

Ep. 071 – Becoming a Market Expert, with Mandy Branham

In this episode, Mandy discusses how to become an expert in your market and the benefits of doing so.

Key Takeaways:

– Work harder on yourself than you do on your job to create generational wealth.
– The amount of time you put in is proportionate to your results.
– A market expert know the area: changes, economic drivers, comparables, deals and more.
– You have to figure out the area to invest and then the types of property to invest in.
– Stay in one area and build your expertise.
– Where are the jobs and what are bringing them there.
– What resources can you use to get your market information.
– Butter tarts are delicious!
– What is attracting outside people to the community and what does that mean for the community, how does that drive your real estate business.
– Signs to looks for the that area is not so good.
– By becoming a market expert, JV partners are reassured.
– The more knowledgeable that you are in the area your investing, the more you reduce the risk.


We are Strategic Real Estate Investors with over 9 years of market experience. We conceive opportunities, negotiate creative terms, establish partnerships, and stream-line the buying process by having our winning power-team in place.

Meet Mandy Branham at mandybranham.com

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