22 Dec

Ep. 069 – Growing Your Portfolio, with Jeff Woods

In this episode, Jeff gives tips and strategies on how to grow your real estate portfolio from 0 to 100 properties.

Key Takeaways:

– Set your ego aside, open your mind and listen to people who are where you want to be.
– If you want to grow your business, invest in yourself… When you become better as an individual, you do better in every area of your life.
– It takes the shift from buying one investment to investing in yourself so you can buy as many as you want.
– Why are you investing in real estate in the first place? Have clarity and vision.
– Before growing big, lay a foundation, build a team, and create systems that give you the freedom you want.
– Pick out the core areas and skillset that you are good at and enjoy doing. Everything else should be delegated.
– How to break free of the “lending cap” to finance all the property you want.
– If you try and do multiple strategies at the same time, you will create confusion and frustration.
– It’s not how quickly you can grow, it’s how quickly you can grow with great deals that deliver an income to you without consuming all your time.
– Successful people invest in three things: assets, education, and others (connections and relationships). When you invest in others and your education, you can buy all the assets you want.
– How to become a full time real estate investor.
– If you focus on building a team and delegating and leveraging the team’s abilities, you can get a lot more accomplished.


Jeff Woods is an award winning real estate investor, bestselling author, business owner, and highly sought after real estate based wealth coach but it was not always that way. Jeff has come from very humble beginnings and overcome a great deal of adversity.
His passion is in helping others create financial freedom so that they have the power and ability to live life on their terms. Today Jeff owns a large real estate portfolio throughout Niagara Region and development land Central America, He Manages multiple millions worth of real estate and most recently has created the C.A.R.E Pack that is focused on educating and helping others.
Meet Jeff Woods at




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