27 Oct

Ep. 062 – Overcoming Challenges, with Aaron Charles

In this episode, Aaron tells his story about overcoming challenges and rising up to be the best you that you can be.

Key Takeaways:

– How to leverage your time, income and credit to fast track your portfolio.
– When an opportunity present itself, people will most likely quit when things get hard. When you’re an a mission it’s totally different…look at the big picture and know why you are investing in real estate.
– Everybody who has been successful in real estate has gone through it…just keep doing it.
– Put other people in place to take care of your pain points so you can focus on the bigger picture.
– Want it so bad that you get obsessed with it, that you will do anything.
– You can’t be upset about the things you can’t control. You either adapt or you die.
– Always put yourself in a position to be uncomfortable…Do something everyday that scares you.
– Everyone who is successful still has fears, but they know how to coach themselves through it.
– You only have one life to live, one chance to be the best you possible.
– Overnight success is really multiple years and years putting in the work.
– How to develop and stay motivated.


Aaron Charles is a real estate investor, a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur. In addition to his real estate business, Aaron also founded the Real Estate Assistance Program (REAP), a comprehensive support system providing home buyers with the knowledge, options and finances needed to take the leap to home ownership. The ability to see the bigger picture despite small instances, setbacks and obstacles is what has been the cornerstone of Charles’ success. His simplistic approach to real estate is a principle that he applies to life as well — buy low, sell high. In life you have to build from the ground up but aim high.
“My passion for the business is what propels me and wakes me up every morning.”
The saying goes that, “every man is the architect of his future.” Aaron Charles’ passion for real estate lies in not only in constructing a solid and impactful foundation for his vision but also in his commitment to actualize the dreams of the individuals and families who he works with to help secure their biggest investment. To create, design and build a solid groundwork for any venture, one must have a big vision – a trait that Charles prides himself on possessing. The ability to see the bigger picture despite small instances, setbacks and obstacles is what has been the cornerstone of Charles’ success. His simplistic approach to real estate is a principle that he applies to life as well – buy low, sell high. In life you have to build from the ground up but aim high.

Charles was not always clear about his vision. He was young and lacked the sense of purpose that would give him a clear direction. After his parents divorced and he moved in with his father and brother in Toronto from Trinidad & Tobago, he found it difficult to assimilate in this new country. So, he got mixed up in the wrong crowds and pursued things that provided instant gratification instead of lasting benefits. Charles’ relationship with his father eventually became strained and he was forced to face the world on his own as he found himself living in a group home. For awhile, he tried juggling school with a late night dishwasher job, but eventually the call of the streets became something he could not resist.

At the age of 18, when his friends were thinking about their next steps after high school and moving on to University/college, Charles began to realize that he had zero vision as to where or what he wanted to be. The reality set in that he no longer had himself to think about but the future of the little boy he had on the way as well. A phone call from his mother in Trinidad would change everything as he jumped on a plane to visit her back home. While he did not have a vision for his own life, his mother made it clear that her vision for him was to become something great and that she prayed everyday it would happen. From there, Charles made it his goal to answer his mother’s prayers and become what he was destined to be.

It was a serious car accident in 2009, which Charles was lucky enough to come out of with no major injuries that would become the tipping point and springboard for the new direction that his life would take. Experiencing a near fatal accident made Charles very clear about his purpose, and he decided to make decisive steps towards his vision. It was in his downtime, as he recovered from the accident, that his friend introduced him to real estate and the endless opportunity that could come from it. Two months later, Charles took a leap of faith and invested in his first property – a triplex building in Hamilton, Ontario. This first purchase was the beginning of Charles’ passion for the real estate industry. From then on, he was all in. For him, it was no longer about the “right now” but more about what is best for the future.

Charles says, “my passion for the business is what propels me and wakes me up every morning. For me, it’s not about the money; it’s about the light at the end of the tunnel.” Not focusing on money may sound like a funny thing to hear from a real estate professional, when their career is built on sales, but, Charles learned very early on from his mentor that in order to weather the storms of entrepreneurship, you need to learn to live without money. Scale your lifestyle; separate your wants from your needs and let your passion be the driver.

It’s this type of practical approach that has allowed Charles to see much success in his 4 short years of investing – attracting investors to his business and growing his portfolio to $3 million in assets under management. The last year provided the opportunity to take on multiple major projects – he converted a burned down residential home into a legal duplex building as well as a total overhaul of a residential home in Stoney Creek, Ontario which he later refinanced and added to his portfolio.

As his business and investments steadily grow, Charles’ main goal is to pay forward the opportunity and knowledge that real estate has paid him. Charles embraces his clients and business partners as family, who he is invested in seeing them succeed so that they walk away with more than just a real estate transaction under their belt but also exposure to endless opportunities to grow. Charles’ focus is also on reaching back to help elevate and motivate youth that currently possess a very similar mind frame to the one that he had only a few years before. By working in the community and speaking with youth, he wants to help them tap into their passion and expand their definitions of what is possible. “Real estate has given me a different perspective on life,” he describes. “It lifted me out of a dark space in my life to the very highest point in just a few short years and I am very grateful for that.”

Meet Aaron at www.AaronCharles.ca.

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