23 Aug

Ep. 053 – Student Rentals, with Erwin Szeto (Mr. Hamilton)

In this episode, Erwin talks about student rentals.

Key Takeaways:

– What is a student rental and why might you want one….or not want one.
– Students are a better tenant profile than your local renters.
– It’s not that hard to please a student tenant sometimes.
– Student rental can be cyclical…..learn how to overcome this.
– Be close to the university…Close to walk or close to a bus, every school is different.
– What makes a great student house.
– The more cash flow, the more problems, the higher the risk.
– When they come to you as a group, they’re more likely to get along.
– How to screen student renters (and why the program they’re taking matters).
– Getting the parents to co-sign.
– Rooming houses and how to avoid becoming one.
– What to include with your lease.
– Managing student renters.
– There is no excuse to not be successful.



Erwin has been investing in real estate since 2006 and is a highly decorated investor and Realtor. His list accomplishments include:

TWO time finalist & 2015 WINNER for Realtor of the Year for Ontario by the Real Estate Investment Network.
TWO time finalist 2016 WINNER for Real Estate Agent of the Year by Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine
FOUR time finalist for the Michael Millenaar Memorial Award and 2013 WINNER for his leadership and contribution to the Real Estate Investment Network community.
2016 Top 40 Under 40 Business Achievement Award. Erwin is one of the 40 individuals are under 40 years of age who consistently makes his mark in business and contributes regularly to the respective community as awarded by the Business Link Media Group
REIN™ Ambassador (Endorsed Realtor by REIN™).
Silver award recipient by the Real Estate Investment Network.
2013’s Top Player Award by the Real Estate Investment Network.
Regular contributor to REIN™ Real Estate Report and Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.
Regular expert guest host on Rogers TV on the subjects of Hamilton, real estate investing, rent-to-own, student rentals.

Erwin has owned and still owns numerous investment properties: single family, renovate and hold, multi-family, multi-family conversion, and student housing. He left his corporate job at “Big Blue” to pursue his passion as an entrepreneur in investment real estate. Erwin is a regular contributor to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and REIN Magazine, he’s been featured in the Hamilton Spectator and been a guest speaker at several investment networks and has coached numerous successful real estate investors by focusing on economic fundamentals, financials.

Erwin is the leader of the Mr. Hamilton Team, a team of savvy investing professionals who are all active investors themselves. He is a Business School graduate from the Richard Ivey School of Business from the University of Western Ontario and he enjoys reading books on business and real estate. He lives an active lifestyle which includes Crossfit, Brazilian jiu jitsu, extreme obstacle races, sports and the occasional extreme activity to push limits.

Meet Erwin at www.MrHamilton.ca.