18 Aug

Ep. 052 – Investing in Land, with Dianne Ronnow

In this episode, Dianne talks about how to buy land, what to look for and how to earn a monthly income from it.

Key Takeaways:

– Land is great to buy and hold.
– How to flip land and earn a monthly income.
– Lots of things you can do with your land.
– Due diligence you should do before purchasing land….you need to see it.
– Finding comparables to determine the price of land.
– Financing land and owner financing.
– Land scams and how to avoid them.
– What comes with the land…mineral, timber, water rights can be sold separately.


I am a real estate agent specializing in ranch and country property. I am also an author of a new real estate book called, ‘Buying and Investing in land: A Guide for Land Purchase’

I have a diverse background in real estate sales, real estate investing, writing, marketing, public relations, sales management, retail, training, and as an entrepreneur.

I love everything about real estate and working with clients where I can share my expertise and provide value for them.

I enjoy reading, traveling, cooking, natural medicine and essential oils, animals, raising rabbits, growing fruit and vegetables, and spending time with friends and family.

I have lived in many beautiful places including Kingman AZ, Lake Havasu City AZ, Las Vegas NV, and Cedar City UT, and am so grateful to have had all the amazing experiences life has afforded me. I also love to laugh and have a great time in all I do.

In addition to my personal real estate sales, I have written a series of books on real estate, which will be publish starting the end of June 2016.

Meet Dianne at www.NorthAzre.com

52 thoughts on “Ep. 052 – Investing in Land, with Dianne Ronnow

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