11 Aug

Ep. 051 – Secondary Suites, with Andy Tran

In this episode, Andy talks about secondary suites, why they make a good investing strategy and how to build them to be efficient and attractive.

Key Takeaways:

– What is a secondary suite and why do you want one.
– Secondary suites are the low hanging fruit…increase your cash flow and increase the value.
– If the unit existed before November 1995, they are grandfathered in….You still have to comply with certain things.
– Codes and bylaws, what is the difference?
– Who to keep your basement suite from being dark and dingy.
– How to reduce sound transmission, construction and with your layout.
– What to look for when buying a home with plans to add a secondary suite.
– Do you need a designer, architect, engineer.
– How to design your layout in the most cost effective, attractive way.


From 2011 to present, Andy has been the Manager of Education Development for Carson, Dunlop & Associates Ltd., an engineering firm and private college specializing in home inspections since 1978. He is also an instructor for Ontario students wishing to become home inspectors.

Andy has seen numerous 2nd suites as a home inspector, and advised many homeowners on how to do it correctly. Many were poorly constructed, some were outright dangerous, and most were illegal.

Andy hopes to provide as much information as he can based on his research, experience and training to assist those who have an interest in building it properly.

Meet Andy at www.SuiteAdditions.com.

58 thoughts on “Ep. 051 – Secondary Suites, with Andy Tran

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