28 Jul

Ep. 049 – Tips, Strategies and Getting Started, with Mothers of Real Estate

In this episode, The Mothers of Real Estate talk about investing strategies, getting started, getting educated and more.

Key takeaways:

– Buy and hold vs. rent to own vs. student rental, benefits and drawbacks.
– How to get started with a busy lifestyle.
– Education, mentorship and coaching programs. You should invest in yourself.
– Make it fit with your life, not fight.
– Things to consider when choosing an investment area.
– If you mess with the recipe, you’re doomed.
– Know how to predict cash flow on a property. A lot of people underestimate the expenses.
– Learning a system will hold you accountable.
– Learning is doing in real estate.


Gillian Irving, a mother of four and expert in Student Rentals, owns a large portfolio of properties in Southern Ontario, creating passive and long-term income to care for the future expenses of her disabled son.

Monika Jazyk, a mother of four and Buy-Rent-Hold specialist, chose real estate as an investment vehicle, building passive income and long-term wealth, so she could stay home to raise her family.

Rachel Oliver, a mother of two, left her corporate job after an aggressive bout of breast cancer, discovering financial freedom with Lease Options, like turnkey rent-to-own income properties and joint-venture investing.

Meet the Mothers of Real Estate at www.mothersofrealestate.com.

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