18 Jul

Ep. 048 – Finding Great Tenants, with Naborly CEO, Dylan Lenz

In this episode, Dylan Lenz, CEO and founder of Naborly, talks about myths and biases around tenant screening and gives some great tips on how you can select better tenants.

Key Takeaways:

– The importance of screening your tenants.
– Statistical common traits among good and bad tenants.
– Why your past screening experience may produce biases outside of any facts about screening tenants.
– Not everybody who has bad credit is a bad tenant and vice versa.
– Screening with social media….what to look for.
– The ideal tenant for each property changes.
– Checking criminal history.
– If somebody is willing and able to pay there rent, you may want to rent to them.
– Why calling personal references may be a bad idea.
– Go in with a plan….what to ask for.
– How to prevent bad tenants from applying in the first place.
– How intuition plays a role in tenant selection.



Dylan Lenz is the Founder & CEO of Naborly a real estate technology company based in Toronto, Ontario. Dylan leverages his technical abilities in Computer Science and Product Design along side his diverse experiences in Operations, Sales, and Marketing to create outstanding digital products. Previously, Dylan built and sold two companies in technology and finance, he studied Computer Science and Sociology at the University of British Columbia.

Meet Dylan at www.Naborly.co

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