7 Jul

Ep. 046 – Breaking the Freedom Barrier, with Joey Ragona

In this episode, Joey talks about what is holding you back, how to find out what you really want, and how to set proper goals and take actions that move you towards massive success. Don’t forget to check out the 10 minute bonus audio at the bottom of this page!

Key takeaways:

– How does real estate fit into your life?
– Later is now…what is your life plan.
– Learn the mentality that can tear your family apart and kill you!
– You don’t have to sacrifice anything to be successful… Don’t add, reduce things to focus and create massive success.
– You’re not doing something by learning…knowledge does not equal power.
– A strategic commitment is what it is all about…do you really know what you want?
– When you put a timeline on things, follow through…there is no do over.
– Why you are probably too abstract and how to focus your goals and measure them.
– The first thing that any successful business does.
– The five ‘why’ process.
– Anything that you want to change has to become a habit.
– We should use all the stuff in front of us for bettering our lives, not increasing our workload.
– When you fail, it’s when you stop doing something. The more you figure out what doesn’t work, the better you are.
– The HyperSonic investing strategy…. get off your ass and get moving.

Joey Ragona

Joey Ragona is the founder of Engaged Investor.com and the creator of the highly acclaimed Real Estate Joint Venture Presentation Formula & JV Attraction Blueprint – the only training that focuses on HOW to find real estate investors with cash so you can buy more properties.

A full-time investor since 2007 and recognized authority on joint ventures and business structure, Ragona is an in-demand high performance investor coach helping real estate investors get “unstuck” to build a real estate business so you can achieve your personal freedom.

Meet Joe at www.EngagedInvestor.com.

Here’s the bonus audio!

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