30 Jun

Ep. 045 – How to Start Young with No Cash or Credit, with Nicole Edmonds

In this episode, Nicole talks about some of the different investing strategies and how young people can get started without cash or credit.

Key takeaways:

– Investing is for people at any age in any point of there lives, there’s opportunities.
– How to get started when you’re young and have no money….and why it is better than waiting till you’re older.
– The pro’s and con’s of different strategies.
– It’s important to have all of your money working for you all of the time.
– Specializing in a specific investment area vs. having a more diverse portfolio.
– Buying property in a city you don’t live in…. Determine your comfort level first.
– Make sure that property management is in place before you purchase the property…or how to manage on your own from a distance.
– Your not going to make any money on something you’re not going to purchase.
– If you want to be the working partner, get educated.


Nicole Edmonds is a real estate investor, tv-show producer, and investment consultant. She has personally invested in 10 real estate transactions over the past 3 years and makes an average return of 50% annually from her properties.

Realizing at a young age that the rat race wasn’t for her, Nicole began investing in real estate in 2012 with the purchase of a condominium in downtown Toronto.

After attending real estate investing seminars, workshops and training events Nicole learned that with careful analysis and strict guidelines, investment properties were the way to go.

She strongly believes that to make money in real estate, you must first become well educated. Nicole has worked closely with many experts in the field including Scott McGillivray, Michael Sarracini, Rav Toor, Rae Ostrander and many more.

In 2014, Nicole began working for Keyspire (then known as The Lifetime Wealth Academy), a Canadian real estate education company co-founded by Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini. She joined the team as the assistant to real estate investor, author, and speaker Michael Sarracini and worked closely with him for over a year.

She now continues to work for Keyspire as a consultant at their real estate training events. She is the Community Producer for The Everyday Investor with Rav Toor on RogersTV, a real estate focused talk show that airs across Ontario.

She has appeared on such talk shows as Real Investments with Rav Toor, Your Money and Real Estate with Mark Vosylius and The Everyday Investor with Rav Toor.

Over the past 3 years, Nicole has invested in 10 real estate deals. She has purchased two student rentals near Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, a condo in downtown Toronto, two lots in Port Charlotte, Florida, a triplex in Gravenhurst, Ontario and her most recent purchase of a five-plex in Gravenhurst . Nicole also invests in more passive projects including large land developments in Southern Ontario and syndicated mortgage lending.

Nicole follows a strict set of criteria and mathematical formulas to evaluate every investment before she gets involved. To this day, none of Nicole’s investments have generated results less than initially anticipated. As you will see on the Portfolio page, Nicole’s properties produce an average return of 50% with the lowest being a 26% return on investment (ROI). Nicole has accepted joint-venture partners for three of her five properties.

Nicole plans to purchase many more properties in the years ahead and is confident in her ability to continue to produce massive returns for herself and her partners. Visit the contact page to ask her any questions you have and see how you can get in on her next deal.

Meet Nicole at www.InvestWithNicole.com.

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