23 Jun

Ep. 044 – Buying U.S. Real Estate, with Dale Walters

In this episode, Dale talks about how Canadians can buy U.S. real estate while saving on taxes and staying protected.

Key takeaways:

– Why buy U.S. real estate
– Exchange risk and when it might affect you.
– Your Canadian advisors and U.S. advisor is probably giving the wrong advice.
– What entity should own the property to avoid double taxation…your net worth matters.
– How you are taxed and what you need to file.
– Don’t cry in Dale’s office, learn the new 2016 withholding tax and how you might be able to get no withholding
– Can you do a 1031 exchange and do you want to…who wants to pay double tax anyway?
– Rather than asking can, ask should. You can do whatever Americans can, but you may not want to.
– Ways to finance your U.S. property.
– You Don’t need a lawyer?
– Why you may not be able to paint or repair your property in the U.S. and how to get around it.
– Issues with JV partners.
– Hot off the press news…CRA is changing how LLP’s and LLLP’s are taxed.


Dale is a partner and CEO of KeatsConnelly. Serving clients for over thirty-five years, Dale was twice named one of the top financial advisors in the US by Mutual Fund Magazine, and has led the firm to numerous
awards, including being named one of Arizona’s Most Admired Companies, Phoenix Chamber’s Impact award for Company Culture, the Alfred P. Sloan award for Workplace Flexibility and the Better Business Bureau award for Ethics. He is a frequent speaker on US-Canada financial planning and tax related issues, and is the author of Buying Real Estate in the US – The Concise Guide for Canadians and co-author of Taxation of
Canadians in America: Are YOU at risk? and Taxation of Americans in Canada: Are YOU at risk?
Dale is a former four-time World Heavyweight Karate Champion and fourth degree black belt in Judo.

Meet Dale at www.keatsconnelly.ca.

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