9 Jun

Ep. 042 – Tools from the Property Management Toolbox…Part 2, with Quentin D’Souza

In this episode, Quentin continues last week’s discussion with how to manage the property after the tenant moves in.

Key takeaways:

– Getting the tenant in is just part of the process.
– You have to not get emotional…state the facts.
– When someone gives you notice to leave, the first thing you should do is inspect that property.
– Schedule how you spend your time on your rental properties.
– Filter out tenant requests to create a lower stress level.
– As your systems grow, you want to be able to give your systems to someone else to do.
– If you want to quit your job and create a business, you need to have systems and processes.
– What you get when like minded people are together…A community to help you grow faster and make fewer mistakes.



Quentin D’Souza is a highly respected award winning Real Estate Investor in the Ontario Real Estate Investing community. Quentin is also a busy professional consultant with a full-time work life outside of his real estate investment portfolio, and a beautiful young family.

Meet Quentin at www.durhamrei.ca.


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