2 Jun

Ep. 041 – Tools from the Property Management Toolbox, with Quentin D’Souza

In this episode, Quentin talks about how to market rental properties and screen and select tenants.

Key takeaways:

– Real estate is wonderful for building wealth, you just have to take action.
– Four to five exit strategies for each deal… Stop the speculation.
– Do a flip on a property that would cashflow anyways.
– Marketing..who is the tenant that you want? And do they measure in minutes?
– Where to advertise… How to get them into the funnels and how to filter them.
– Think about the type of questions that you ask.
– Tenant indoctrination… Set the expectations before the tenant moves in.
– A day late or a dollar short… N4
– Possible changes for the LTB.
– How to set your rental prices



Quentin D’Souza is a highly respected award winning Real Estate Investor in the Ontario Real Estate Investing community. Quentin is also a busy professional consultant with a full-time work life outside of his real estate investment portfolio, and a beautiful young family.

Meet Quentin at www.durhamrei.ca.