26 May

Ep. 040 – A Three Tier Corporate Structure, with Alan Madan

In this episode, Alan Talks about owning real estate in a corporation vs. individually. When, why and how to do it.

Key takeaways:

– If you are in the middle class you will pay more taxes owning your real estate in a corporation.
– Real estate is one of the best tax shelters out there.
– Active vs. passive income.
– What is a three tier corporate structure and how can it reduce your taxes and limit your liability.
– When your portfolio is cash flow positive, it’s time to consider this structure.
– Why you should purchase all flips in a corporation and what to watch out for.
– Sometimes real estate investors do not do a good job at record keeping…Separate your bank accounts and credit cards.
– How to plan for the upcoming year.


Alan has over 10 years of experience in public accounting. Prior to founding Madan Chartered Accountant in Mississauga, he worked for the prestigious firm Deloitte for 6 years, where he held the position of International Tax Manager. He has completed Parts 1 and 2 of the Canadian In Depth Tax Course, which is the most comprehensive tax training in Canada. He has held several tax seminars, including “Taxation for Real Estate
Investors” and “Tax Topics for Bookkeepers.” Alan has been involved in many complex, tax reorganization transactions for Canadian companies.

At Madan Chartered Accountant, we know how important experience is. We also know how critical it is to have someone in your corner that knows your unique situation. Too often, an accounting firm will have staff that doesn’t take the time to know you. Sure, they will do business with you and answer your questions before you pay. But once you do, where do they go? To them, you are little more than a number.

That’s why we value you as a person, and not just a customer. Your taxes are important to us, because they are important to you. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will always take the time to go the extra mile. Among all the accounting firms in Mississauga, we’re special. Our unique size enables us to answer the most complex of problems, yet provide personal attention to all our clients.

Meet Alan at www.MadanCA.com.

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