19 May

Ep. 039 – How to Create Freedom in Your Life, with Paul D’Abruzzo

In this episode, Paul shares some common struggles faced by his coaching clients and how they’re overcome. He also gives some great tips for getting started, building a portfolio and retiring with all the freedom you desire.

Key takeaways:

– If you generate passive income, it can create freedom in your life.
– Narrow down your options…what is right for your situation.
– The best property may not be where you live.
– managing your first property helps to cut your teeth.
– The property manager manages the property, you must manage the asset.
– If you can increase income, you make property more valuable…and fuel future purchases.
– Get a coach…Make an investment in yourself.
– There are a lot of things you can do to profit immensely, regardless of your age.
– Start with the end in mind and work backwards to try and achieve it.
– How to retire with an easily managed real estate portfolio.


A ​​Real Estate Investment Advisor​ ​(REIA) and​ ​Broker at Rock Star Real​ ​Estate, a Brokerage well known in Ontario as a leader in Real Estate​ ​Investment education and sales.​ ​Paul has a proven track record of financial​ ​success guiding clients through acquisition and sale of Multi-Unit​ ​Residential, Student Rental,​ ​Lease to Own​ ​and Development Properties

As a Performance Coach,​ Paul leverages his own real world knowledge and “boots on the ground experience”​ ​to create outstanding financial ​and personal ​results for​ ​students and​ ​clients.

Together with his wife, Paul operates and manages a personal Real Estate Investment Co. with a portfolio of Multi-Unit Residential, Student Rental & Lease to Own​ ​across the Golden Horseshoe.

Meet Paul at www.PaulDAbruzzo.com.


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