12 May

Ep. 038 – Mortgage Fees and Penalties, with Jonathan Tillger

In this episode, Jonathan talks about different mortgage fees, how they’re calculated and what to watch out for when getting a mortgage or refinancing your property.

Key takeaways:

– The mortgage rate is very important, but you need to look at what else is involved.
– Not all penalties are calculated the same way. Find out how they are calculated by different institutions.
– Penalties with fixed vs. variable rate mortgages
– Discounted mortgage rates often come with additional penalties.
– Additional fees for private lenders.
– What is mortgage life insurance and do you need it and how does it compare to regular life insurance.


Sarah’s career in the financial sector started on Bay Street. She credits her success to hard work and dedication to her clients. She has grown the brokerage to more than 50 agents, and consistently appears on the CMP Top 75 Brokers list, thanks to her own strong book of business. Sarah & Jonathan have expnaded the business to include banking services through CFF Bank and offering GIC’S, RSP’S, unsecured lines of credit as well as regular banking services such as chequing and savings accounts.

Jonathan is Sarah’s partner in the very successful Brokerage, achieving his own success as a top agent in the industry. He has worked successfully in the financial sector for over 8 years.

Jonathan’s strength lies in working with investors who are looking to own multiple properties. Being great with numbers & charts, he works with many doctors, engineers and other professionals.

A true entrepreneur he has also developed his own game – “Pazuju”, with thousands of followers!

Together they have grown the brokerage and help their clients achieve financial success through real-estate. Whether it is the purchase of your first home, consolidating debts, or purchasing an investment property, Sarah, Jonathan and their team, have years of experience to assist you.

For all financing needs: first, second, commercial and private mortgages, business loans and debt consolidation. They have access to lenders offering great rates – helping clients with products suited to their individual needs!

With multiple offices in the GTA, they will work with their clients to find the best mortgage, from over 60 lenders, including major banks. As the owners of a CFF banking center, they now offer banking products, including secured and unsecured lines of credit as well as variety of other banking products to suit the client needs!

Meet Jonathan and Sarah at www.DominionLendingCanada.ca