21 Apr

Ep. 035 – Full Time Real Estate Investing, with Ryan Carr

In this episode, Ryan talks about working as a full time real estate investor and managing a construction crew to create tons of equity in his investments.

Key takeaways:

– How to finance multiple properties, it depends on the property and the situation.
– How to determine your exit strategy, And your plan b. Will cash flow based on the fundamentals of real estate?
– At the end of the day you’re putting your name on it.
– If you wouldn’t live in it, I would probably buy it.
– At the end of the day, if your not making money, your not in business.
– Paying someone extra is more cost effective.
– Scale your thoughts rather than your labour to get the best return on your time.
– What is vertical split construction and how can it boost cash flow?
– What is the best way to get started?


Ryan Carr is a full time real estate investor from the Durham Region who specializes in maximising residential rent potential using his “vertical split” renovation technique. His company, R.W. Carr Investments, has created a sustainable portfolio through the use of joint venture funding, and has also recently branched out into mentorship programs for newcomers to the industry.

His involvement with real estate began in 2012 where a bank-sale property was purchased, shortly followed by the first “fixer-upper” bungalow, of which was converted to a legal 2-unit home. The progression grew from these initial properties into the expansion of joint venture financing and mentorship programs that has allowed the company to grow a self sustaining portfolio of properties backed by efficient economics and positive a tenant experience.

Meet Ryan at www.RWCarrInvestment.com.