14 Apr

Ep 034 – Understanding Syndicated Mortgages, with Chris Nichilo

In this episode, Chris talks about syndicated mortgages and goes over the ins and outs of private financing.

Key takeaways:

– What is a syndicated mortgage and how does it work.
– Different ways to structure a syndicated mortgage so it works for everybody.
– How to determine if an investment is right for you.
– Understanding the risks and the rules of the game to make the best decision for you and your family.
– The cost of private money may not be as large as you think.
– How to pay down your mortgage in half the time.


Chris Nichilo is a proud Canadian, husband and father. Born in Toronto, the 39 year old speaker, author and personal finance expert currently resides in Oakville, ON where he and wife Joanna are happily raising their 3 year old daughter Kaitlyn. Chris is a passionate volunteer minor hockey coach in the winters, and enjoys playing competitive baseball with friends in the summer. His formal education is in the field of psychology.

In 2007, Chris launched a company known today as Magnetic Mortgages and Investing Inc., a fully licensed mortgage brokerage regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. Since 2007 the company has brokered well over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of mortgage loans for Canadian families. Today, Magnetic is lead by a sophisticated board of directors that includes the former CFO of fast food giant Burger King, the former President of Country Style Donuts and Cineplex Odeon, and the President of the award winning BottomLine Group Consulting firm who boasts an impressive financial services client list that includes American Express and Scotiabank.

Magnetic is no ordinary mortgage brokerage. In addition to it’s brokering activities, the company has made it’s true mark in the mortgage arena with a proprietary mortgage payoff acceleration strategy called “The Method” which teaches Canadians how to build equity in their homes up to 5 times faster than normal using the same money. In 2009, a collection of those who had been touched, moved, and inspired by The Method, became curious about what other parts of their personal finance portfolio were under performing, and what solutions were available. Finding a reliable solution for this widespread problem would become the newest mission of MMI. That mission has become the company’s most impressive success story in a short period of time. Over the last 5 years, Magnetic has been responsible for successfully helping its clientele invest over $15,000,000 into private mortgages. To date, investors have average a fixed annual return on investment of over 8% per year, with zero loss of capital.

Magnetic has quickly evolved into a larger organization committed to education and giving as a means of building quality relationships with Canadian consumers. The brand has become a trusted, dependable resource for powerful personal finance information that can make a positive and lasting impact on every Canadian’s two biggest assets, their time and their money.

Meet Chris at www.MagnetICMI.com.

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