7 Apr

Ep. 033 – How to Collect from Evicted Tenants, with Credit Collections Bureau

In this episode, Bonnie talks about how to track down and collect from tenants who owe you money and how to find good tenants.

Key takeaways:

– How to find good tenants so you don’t have to go to collections.
– Get the information BEFORE you rent to someone.
– Get a disclosure that allows you to collect information on the tenant.
– What types of income can be garnished and how it’s done.
– Get a system in place to start the eviction process if needed.
– How a collection agency collects.
– The faster you act, the better your odds of collecting.


About Credit Bureau Collections:


Every year, Credit Bureau Collections recovers millions of dollars in outstanding debt for our clients throughout Northwestern Ontario. In fact, we have the highest collection recovery rate in the region.

We view ourselves as an extension of your business, taking a personal approach to each account and working to achieve your objectives: getting accounts receivables settled, minimizing bad debt write-offs and maximizing your profits.

Our state-of-the-art computer system links the activities of our associated collection offices from coast to coast. With this technology, we have the widest geographical reach of any collection service in Canada.

Not only do we increase the possibility of recovery, but you are freed from spending your valuable time on overdue accounts and you can do what you do best: running a business. Our no-collect, no-charge policy ensures our clients the highest level of success with minimum risk.

We understand the subtle blend of firmness and tact needed within an efficient collection system.

Nationwide, our more than 350 skilled specialists undergo thorough, ongoing training and testing. Backed by years of collection experience, they combine a sensitive personalized service with diplomacy and finesse, making us your logical choice for successful collection, be it consumer or commercial accounts.

We are a locally owned and operated company, a division of the Credit Bureaus of NWO Collections Inc. We have been in operation since 1930, are licensed and bonded.

Fair account settlement. It is important!

The first step is yours, but…
The next step is ours!

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