7 Apr

Ep. 032 – Rent to Own Investing, with Rachel Oliver

In this episode, Rachel discusses the pros and cons of rent to own investing.

Key takeaways:

– High cash flow, minimum time investment.
– Homebuyers are financially and emotionally invested…they look after the property
– Tenant forced to save down payment while fixing credit.
– Lots of homebuyers are misinformed on the rent to own process…always lead with education.
– What makes a great rent to own tenant… people who can own their situation and move past it.
– Property first vs. tenant first.
– What to do when the tenant doesn’t purchase the home.


Rachel is an international best-selling author, successful real estate investor, ambitious entrepreneur and a dynamic speaker. She is the co-founder and managing partner of Clover Properties, a company established out of her passion for enabling families to achieve their homeownership goals and live a better life.

By offering a private alternative financing option for people who cannot qualify for a mortgage due to a low credit score or low down payment, Rachel’s company is supporting families to make a fresh start and get ahead financially. Rachel’s mission is to raise awareness about Rent to Own in the real estate industry to ensure homebuyers are getting accurate advice about this proven financing option. Through her best-selling book “Rent to Own Essential Guide for Homebuyers” and educational workshops, Rachel is staying true to her vision – to elevate the success rate of Rent to Own transactions in Canada, USA, Australia and UK.

Rachel attended University of Waterloo and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University (1992). She also holds a diploma from the Information Technology Institute (1999). After graduating from York University, Rachel was hired by PepsiCo. As their Marketing Manager, Rachel led high-profile promotional initiatives, including Michael Jackson’s epic appearance in Moscow. While living in Russia for 7 years, Rachel also initiated several multi-million dollar ventures.

A talented senior marketer, Rachel has 15 years experience leading profit-generating B2B and B2C initiatives across various industries including financial, high-tech, not-for-profit and education.

Combining her international and corporate experience, Rachel currently runs a very successful business where she develops value-based programs for novice real estate investors and aspiring homeowners. Why? To help them create wealth and live a happier life in hopes they will do the same for someone else one day.

Meet Rachel at www.RethinkRentals.com.

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