24 Mar

Ep. 031 – Working with Contractors, with Rene Masse

In this episode, Rene discusses renovating properties and dealing with contractors.

Key takeaways:

– Should you hire or do it yourself? Time VS. Money.
– The three types of contractors and which is right for you.
– Every contractor has a language. Understand it.
– Trust is a big deal.
– Educate yourself bit by bit with every contractor.
– What to look for in a fixer upper.
– How to come up if repair cost for your renovation.
– Getting work done in the winter to save money.
– Paying your contractor.

Rene Masse Photo

After the 2008 stock market crash, I was fed up with volatile markets and poor returns on my retirement savings. In 2009, I acquired training and licensure as a real estate agent and started purchasing investment properties while continuing to operate my business as a general contractor. Over as little as 5 years, my monthly cash flow grew substantially so that I was able to significantly reduce my time spent at work, in exchange for more time spent with my family. I’ve since supported friends and family members in their own real estate investments for similar high, stable returns.

My background includes more than 20 years of successful entrepreneurship and ownership of sole proprietorships and a corporation. I have a Bachelor’s of Education from Queen’s University, a license to engage in real estate transactions in Ontario, and an extensive network of expert service providers that includes real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, and skilled labourers. I am fluent in both French and English languages.

It is rewarding for me to help people who are dissatisfied with their current investment strategy and who desire support achieving their financial goals. I further enjoy supporting our community by re-investing funds in our local economy and providing safe, respectable housing for families and students in need.

Meet Rene at www.GetBetterReturns.ca