10 Mar

Ep. 029 – LuRadio Fund Drive 2016

It’s Fund Drive 2016 here at LuRadio. This show would not be possible without LuRadio and each year they hold a fund drive to raise money, so they can continue to put out great programs like this one! Check out luradio.ca/fund for more details. Kevin also share highlights and key learning points from past episodes.


About LuRadio:


CILU, or LU Radio, is Thunder Bay’s ONLY campus-based, community-accessible radio station. Our mandate is to bring music, information and entertainment to Thunder Bay that is not already being provided by other stations in town. In short, we are here to bring diversity to Thunder Bay radio.

The station runs on volunteer power. The majority of voices you hear on air belong to our volunteers, who take time out of their lives to run a radio show simply because they want to share their passion for music and knowledge. CILU is made up of dedicated people who are trying to ensure that everyone has a voice, that new music you may have never heard before gets to your ears and that you aren’t being given just one side of the story. CILU isn’t just radio for our community, we are a reflection of our community.

CILU runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In 2016, we celebrate our 11th Anniversary on FM. Our budget is approximately $110,000 a year to keep the station running at a bare-bones level. That means keeping our three full time employees, licensing and tariff fees, insurance, lease and equipment costs paid. In effect, we are running the station at approximately $12.56 per hour. As many of you know, costs are continually rising, equipment repair and replacement is expensive and much of our funding is fixed.