1 Mar

Ep. 028 – Getting Started in Real Estate Investing, with Gary Hibbert

In this episode, Gary discusses the challenges that new investors face and how to overcome them.

Key takeaways:

– There is no way I could get ahead with a J.O.B…. You can’t outpace inflation.
– Why inflation is good for real estate.
– Pick a strategy… And master it.
– What if you have no money or credit… How to leverage money from the bank and other people.
– You will make mistakes along the way. Get over that fear. That is where you learn the most.
– Who you need on your investing team and how can you find them.
– Treat it like a business.
– Learn philosophies and mindset to put yourself a step above the competition.


I grew up in Courtice, Ontario, a small town approximately 50 minutes east of Toronto. I grew up as a first generation Canadian with very proud Jamaican parents. The culture I grew up in taught me ethics, integrity and discipline from a young age. I did not realize back then, these same values would make me into the person I am and what my company stands for today.

For the most part of my career I worked for a major financial institution, in the IT sector. I enjoyed the rat race for over a decade and decided I could no longer live pay cheque to pay cheque. Earn more, pay more- there were no tax breaks for the salary driven middle class. I saturated my bookshelf with literature from people who had what I wanted… Freedom. Economic Freedom, Political Freedom and Personal Freedom.

In a very few short years I had started my own Real Estate Investing Company, became a licensed Realtor, published a Real Estate Investing Book, and assisted in brokering over $14 million in real estate transactions.

The key to success is self confidence. The key to self confidence is preparation. Mistakes are an important part of success. Each mistakes teaches us an important lesson.

Everything you need is within you.

-Gary Hibbert

Meet Gary at www.SmartHomeChoice.ca.

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