4 Feb

Ep. 024 – Raising Private Capital, with Susan Lassiter-Lyons

In this episode, Susan talks about how to raise money from private, non institutional, lenders to fund your real estate deals.

Key takeaways:

– Cut out the middle man…leverage your own network to get the deal done directly.
– Debt partner vs. equity partner.
– When you use the term lender, it automatically puts you in the borrower position.
– First, know what you can afford to pay your investment partners.
– The magic question…What is your money currently earning?
– Pitch the concept, not your investment deal.
– All business comes down to relationships.


Susan is well-known in real estate investing circles as the “Investor Financing Specialist.”

Susan is the author of Mortgage Secrets for Real Estate Investors, Flipping Fortune and runs a popular real estate blog, TheInvestorInsights.com, voted the #1 real estate investing blog of 2011 & 2012.

Susan began investing in real estate in 1994 by forming a small syndicate, the Lien Lords, to pool $2,500 in capital to purchase tax liens at auction.

Since that modest start, she has participated in more than 600 transactions as an investor, broker, lender, syndicator and advisor.

Additionally, Susan has…

– Owned and operated a successful mortgage company where she specialized in residential, commercial and hard money financing for real estate investors.
– Raised $26 million in private money from debt and equity partners to fund her deals and hundreds of deals for Colorado based investors.
– Sponsored real estate investing syndicates including multifamily equity offerings and a 506(d) private equity mortgage pool to make hard money loans.

Susan is a passionate teacher and lives each day to “have fun and create value.” Through her home study courses, seminars and personal coaching programs she has changed the lives of thousands.

Meet Susan at www.GettingTheMoney.com

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