4 Feb

Ep. 023 – Talking with my Realtor Part 2, with Enzo Ruberto

In this episode, Enzo talks about working with a realtor, buying and selling houses and gives his input on the Thunder Bay, Ontario market.

Key takeaways:

– Where is the opportunity to get better value…It’s not just the price.
– There is 100 ways to skin a cat and get a deal.
– Do an analysis of you! what are your strength/weaknesses? Don’t be afraid to get help.
– Three steps: buy, manage. sell. Your have to look at all aspects.
– Listen to people’s problem and come up with solution.
– When they talk about the property from their perspective, there is clues.
– A good agent calls you when something comes up that fits your needs.
– In the end it’s your decision….it’s your future!


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