21 Jan

Ep. 022 – Talking with my Realtor Part 1, with Enzo Ruberto

In this episode, Enzo talks about working with a realtor, buying and selling houses and gives his input on the Thunder Bay, Ontario market.

Key takeaways:

– You want to do the best for your customers to build a long term relationship.
– Real estate is not a transaction, it’s a process.
– Financing, legal, etc. should be considered at the beginning of the deal, not the end.
– An agent should always be working in your best interest.
– Make money on the purchase.
– Give the other party the solution to make the deal go forward.
– The true price comes from one person.
– Don’t sell the house, sell the key.
– There is always opportunity, you have to hunt and create your opportunity.


Meet Enzo at www.EnzoRuberto.com

43 thoughts on “Ep. 022 – Talking with my Realtor Part 1, with Enzo Ruberto

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