3 Dec

Ep. 015 Legal Issues Around Dealing with Tenants, with Glenn Sheridan from Landlord’s Self Help Centre

In this episode, Glenn talks about the legal problems that can occur when renting property and how to protect yourself while operating within the guidelines of the Ontario Landlord Tenant Board.

Key takeaways:

– Get your paper work straight (LTB forms).
– What new investors need to know.
– Screening your tenants to avoid problems in the first place.
– Learn what to do BEFORE you run into problems.
– Great tips for collecting for damages.


Landlord’s Self-Help Centre is the only community clinic funded by Legal Aid Ontario that provides services exclusively to small-scale landlords across Ontario.
LSHC is mandated to educate members of the community in landlord and tenant relations. This occurs through a range of casework services which include general information, referral, summary advice and, in some cases document preparation. It is also evident in the various public legal education programs and projects offered by the Centre.

LSHC also involves itself in law reform activities and community development initiatives.

The organization was founded in 1975 by Lita and Archie Wisman and operated under the name of Landlord Aid or Landl’Aid. It was initially funded through short term grants such as LIP (Local Initiative Program) and NIP (Neighbourhood Initiative Project) which allowed support and assistance to be provided to small-scale landlords in the Parkdale and High Park areas of Toronto.

In 1977 the organization was incorporated as Landlord’s Self-Help Centre and received funding from Legal Aid Ontario (formerly the Ontario Legal Aid Plan). The new funding provided stability and allowed the geographical service area to be expanded.

Check out the Landlord’s Self Help Centre at www.LandlordSelfHelp.com.

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