19 Nov

Ep. 013 Working with Joint Venture partners Part 1, with Dave Peniuk

In this episode, Dave talks about what joint venture partnerships are and how you can use them to grow your business.

Key takeaways:

– What is a Joint Venture partnership.
– How to find partners.
– Have a plan.
– Don’t just partner with someone because they have money.

Dave Peniuk

Dave is the co-founder of Rev N You and President of Prairie Island Properties (Julie & Dave’s successful Nanaimo, BC run investment company). Dave bought his first investment property with his Mom at the age of 19 and then really got into it in 2001 when he and Julie began investing. Successfully raising millions of dollars in capital to fund the purchase of as many as 10 houses a year for multiple years in a row, Dave use his strong background in market research (working for Scotiabank for a number of years in Toronto & Vancouver), and his five years as a residential mortgage broker and a commercial mortgage broker to build their portfolio and help coaching clients do the same. Clients look to Dave to analyze their deals, discuss financing options, and review joint venture structures. Voted Best Investor by Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine in 2011 and with nearly $18,000,000 in real estate transactions under his belt, Dave is absolutely an expert on all of these subjects. These days his time is spent looking for commercial properties to add to their portfolio as their residential investment portfolio is just about where they want it. Dave is now pursuing a career as an actor. So when Dave isn’t managing their portfolio, he’s auditioning, taking classes and hitting the screen nearest you.

Meet Dave at www.Revnyou.com.

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